What to do in Hong Kong During This Summer and 6 Earth-friendly Items to Bring Along

With travel restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, travel seems to be off the cards. Fortunately, there are still many activities you can enjoy right here in Hong Kong. Here’s our guide to making the most of Hong Kong this summer, and don’t forget to bring along our earth-friendly items as your local jaunt companion! 

Things to do in Hong Kong

1. Picnic with an eco-friendly theme

It’s easy to overuse tissues when you are going on a picnic or hiking. Why not use reusable tissues or handkerchiefs to replace single-use tissue? LastTissue Reusable Tissue Pack has the convenience of being travel-sized so it can be used on-the-go and all while having the benefits of being a reusable and sustainable alternative. One LastTissue box contains 6 reusable tissues made from 100% organic cotton that fit into a sleek minimal case made with 100% silicone. You can wash the tissues 520 times each which should last a long time!


2. Staycation

Staycation seems to be the only way to satisfy our wanderlust. To give it a twist, try staying at eco-friendly hotels and bring your own personal care items. This way, you can enjoy your self-care vacation without sacrificing anything. 

HYDROPHIL sustainable toothbrush is vegan and encourages water neutral. It is a good choice for reducing plastic consumption. With a handle made of fast-growing bamboo that is biodegradable, the bristle of the toothbrush are made from castor oil and have excellent cleaning properties. 



LastRound reusable makeup remover pads is a reusable alternative to makeup pads and rounds. It’s made of a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton rounds when liquid is applied and one pack is good for 1750 uses or more. Every pack consists of 7 reusable cotton pads and an ocean bound plastic case.


3. Outdoor water sports

From surfing to kayaking to skimboarding and kiteboarding, water sports are an awesome way to stay cool during summer! 

Soaper Delights’ tinted mineral sunblock is vegan and coral reef safe, providing functional, nature-friendly and sustainable sun protection. It is easily applied on the skin, the texture is purposely adjusted to a bit thicker to stay on, perfect for daily use. 


Shampoo bars are portable and are perfect for outdoor activities. The Vegan Glow’s shampoo bar will not only do good to your environmental conscience, it will also provide a silicon- and sulfate-free treatment that nourishes and protects your precious hair. Their products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and feature an environmentally friendly profile.


4. Take your furry friends on a Petcation

If you are in need of a staycation but don’t want to leave your pet at home, take them on a “Petcation” in pet-friendly hotels. 

During your petcation, remember to stay sustainability-conscious and use Invisible Poo Bag. It has been specially designed for pet owners looking to find an eco-friendly and convenient solution to dispose of their pet waste whilst reducing their carbon pawprint and negative impact on the environment by replacing conventional plastic pet waste bags. 



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