Year of the Tiger | Vegan Chinese New Year Puddings and Gift Sets

With the Year of the Tiger approaching, Green Common is as always welcoming Chinese New Year with a kind spirit and innovative varieties, embracing the new year with plant-based and cruelty-free festive treats.


Chinese New Year Cake 2022: Pumpkin Rice Cake with Red Quinoa, Turmeric & Oatmilk


Chinese festive rice cake is usually made with glutinous rice flour, sugar, and oil. Take coconut rice cake as an example, 100 grams (approximately 2 pcs) of rice cake contains 263 kcal. That’s about a bowl of rice! Apart from that, coconut milk is commonly used in traditional festive cakes for its flavour, which is relatively high in cholesterol.  Replacing coconut milk with Minor Figures’ Semi Oat M*lk, Pumpkin Rice Cake is low fat and free of cholesterol, containing higher calcium content and low saturated fat. Oat milk perks up the taste of rice cake with its natural sweetness, creating a second-to-none healthy delicacy which satisfies the sweet cravings this lunar new year.

Promotional price: HKD 128 (Original price: HKD 138)

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Chinese New Year Cake 2022: OmniPork Vegan XO Sauce Red Quinoa Turnip Cake

Turnip cake is also a fan favourite among festive treats. Most people have a love-hate relationship with traditional turnip cake, for they are made of cured meat which is high in fat and cholesterol, 100 grams of turnip cake will cost you 130 kcal. 

Replacing Chinese traditional cured meat with zero-cholesterol OmniPork Mince, this festive treat is created with a generous mix of radish and red quinoa, presenting a light yet nutrition-packed alternative with Cantonese fare. Featuring vegan XO sauce made with shiitake mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom, chili and natural spices, this OmniPork Vegan XO Sauce Red Quinoa Turnip Cake packs an exceptional punch.

Promotional price: HKD 138 (Original price: HKD 158)

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Vegan CNY Cake Gift Set

Pumpkin Rice Cake with Red Quinoa, Turmeric & Oatmilk x1
OmniPork Vegan XO Sauce Red Quinoa Turnip Cake x1
Promotional Price: HKD 238 (Original price: HKD 296)


Chinese New Year Gift Sets

Green Common CNY Snack Gift Set (HKD 78)

The CNY Snack Gift Set includes Green Common’s signature snacks, Skinny Thins in 2 flavours, 2 packs of each. Healthy and guilt-free, the set is the perfect gift for you to send to your loved ones.

Limited offer: Buy 2 sets to enjoy 12% off

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Shan Shau Jok CNY Crunchy Box


Shan Shau Jok is a local brand that produces nut crunchy freshly made in Hong Kong. With its own low-temperature baking technology, the products break the old-fashioned notoriety of candies – sugar-rich, oil-rich, and fat-rich. On the contrary, its candies retain the original nutrition and aroma of ingredients, being delicious at the same time.

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HoCha – CNY Floral Tea Gift Set

2022新年禮盒推薦:好茶養生 - 賀年花茶禮盒

HoCha CNY Floral Tea Gift Set includes 12 kinds of healthy floral tea that are great for nourishing the body in all seasons. 

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The Nutter Company Nut Butter Chinese New Year Mini Set

2022新年禮盒推薦:The Nutter Company新年迷你禮盒

The Nut Butter CNY Mini Set features 3 Mini Nut Butters – Walnut Butter, Berrynut Chocolate & Cashew Butter (100g each), symbolizing three auspicious motifs – pine, bamboo and plum, wishing you a healthy and happy Year of the Tiger! 

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More Chinese New Year gifts:


Chinese New Year flower markets got cancelled? Green Common is bringing you an Online CNY Market, upon $250 purchase of selected CNY products, customers can enjoy free shipping and a OmniSeafood CNY board game! 
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