Bean-to-bar Chocolate Crafted in Hong Kong, Introducing New Flavour Plant-based Dark Milk Chocolate

Conspiracy Chocolate is all about bean to bar craft chocolate. Founded by a Swiss and Israeli couple, Céline and Amit, with the aim of creating chocolate that most people can relate to, they craft their chocolate in their chocolate lab in Wong Chuk Hang. They began their chocolate journey because of culinary curiosity, most of their chocolates are made vegan so that everyone can enjoy. 


Bean-to-bar or craft chocolate is all about the sacred character of cacao itself, showcasing the natural taste of the cacao, that’s why craft chocolate tends to focus on single origins. Conspiracy Chocolate uses cacao from a single farm in Dak Lak region, Vietnam, with notes of cherry, spices and tobacco. 

Apart from cacao, another feature that sets them apart from other chocolates in the market is that they offer imaginative and harmonious combinations of flavours using high-quality ingredients. They use only natural flavouring such as nuts and spices to retain the health benefits, taste and texture of each individual ingredient. Some of the bestsellers in Green Common eShop are Raspberry Timut and Sichuan Pepper, offering an exhilarating chocolate experience. 


Made in small batches in their chocolate factory, their new invention, Plant-based Dark Milk Chocolate is created after 8 months of research and development. Amit explains, milk chocolate is a category of chocolate bars, also symbolizing a certain velvety and creamy experience. Amit and Celine love a culinary challenge, that’s why they set their mind to creating a plant-based one without using milk as an ingredient. 


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In the process of developing this chocolate, they compared it side-by-side with milk chocolates, until beating them in flavour and texture. They also made sure the natural terroir of Dak Lak cacao was highlighted. The final creation celebrates cacao and what chocolate should be, at 52% hence Dark Milk chocolate, almost double the cacao content of a traditional milk chocolate bar (usually 26-35%). Besides cacao, the bar is made up of cashews which they roast themselves and coconut, which make the chocolate extremely creamy with a milky mouthfeel, with a decadent texture that coats your mouth, creating the unmistakable experience of cruelty-free “milk” chocolate that even vegans can enjoy. 


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