6 Nourishing Must-haves for Autumn

Autumn is the time where the warmth of the sun starts fading, it’s a season of transformation and change. In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with the lungs, and it’s a vulnerable time of the year for the lungs where many of us become susceptible to respiratory infections. But don’t worry, with proper care and incorporating nourishing foods into our diets, we can boost our immune system to ward off colds and flu and to switch from cooling summer foods to warming winter ones.



Almond milk and almond powder are great additions to your diet if you want to keep healthy and youthful. Almond milk is a very good source of protein as studies have shown that 1 ounce of almonds contains as much protein as an egg. It is also rich in vitamin E, giving inflammatory properties. Add some almond powder to your favourite plant-based milk to increases your fiber, good fat and protein intake.


杏仁 Almond


Monk Fruit

Monk fruit gives a sense of natural sweetness, and compared to the fructose in other fruits, the sweet taste in monk fruit metabolizes differently and is calorie-free. Without any sugar content in monk fruit, it does not affect blood sugar levels after intaking and is suitable for people with high blood sugar levels. Regarded as ‘’Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)’’ by the FDA, sugar in monk fruit is a qualified substitute for table sugar and other chemically-synthesized artificial sugar. Monk fruit is also especially good for nourishing the respiratory system in autumn!


羅漢果 Monk Fruit


Coconut Oil

The best moisturizer for your skin and hair. Cold pressed coconut oil contains a unique type of saturated fat called MCT  (Medium Chain Triglycerides) that is easier to be digested and metabolized. Coconut oil helps to lower the glycemic index of starchy food when eat along, stabilizing blood sugar levels.


椰子油 Coconut Oil




A relative of the apple and pear, it is thought have been the ‘golden apples’ of Greek Mythology. Quince is a rich source of vitamin C, zinc, potassium, copper, iron, and dietary fiber. The high level of antioxidants and vitamins found in quinces are very good for keeping your skin healthy and young.

木梨 Quince



Burdock Root

The benefits of burdock root are wide-ranging. It is a popular ingredient in Japan and also known as the “Taiwanese Ginseng”, as it can promote metabolism, detoxify the liver and benefit bowel movement. It is a skin healer too, from acne to eczema to psoriasis, burdock root is known to calm and heal these common skin issues.

牛蒡 Burdock Root




Rose is one of the most popular flowers, and it is not hard to understand why girls love roses so much. It can relax the body, reduce stress and promote glowing skin. You can easily make your own cup of Taiwanese-style rose tea using rose buds, or a piece of brown sugar with rose to keep you warm in the autumn.

玫瑰 Rose

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