Korean OmniPork Rice Cake

⏱ Cooking Time:20 mins

Ingredients (1 Serving)
  • OmniPork (Defrosted)
150 g
  • Korean Rice Cake
300 g
  • Carrot (Peeled, Sliced)
1/2 pc (80g)
  • Dried Shiitake Mushroom (Soaked, Destemmed, Sliced)
3 pcs (57g)
  • Spring Onion (Chopped)
2 bunches (10g)
  • Sesame
  • Oil
As appropriate
  • Korean Chili Sauce
1 tbsp (15g)
  • Water
300 ml
  • Soy Sauce
2 tbsps (30ml)
  • Chili Powder
1 tsp (5g)
  • Sugar
40 g


1. Heat a pan over medium heat and pour oil, pan-fry carrot and shiitake mushroom until aromatic.


2. Add water, soy sauce, chili powder, chili sauce and sugar. Then, bring them to a boil.


3. Add Korean rice cake, then spoon in OmniPork meatball irregularly, then simmer until the soup thickens.


4. Turn off the heat, then sprinkle spring onion and sesame, mix well and done! Enjoy!



*Recipe provided by Bigboyrecipe