Fried OmniPork Stuffed Three Treasure

⏱ Cooking time:35 minutes

Ingredients (2-3 servings)
1 pack (230g)
  • Hard Tofu
  • Raw Shiitake Mushroom
2 pcs (38g)
  • Sugar
As appropriate
  • Salt
As appropriate
  • Potato Starch
As appropriate
  • Oil
As appropriate
  • Bitter Melon
1 pc (124g)
  • Eggplant
1 pc (274g)
  • Red Bell Pepper
1 pc (119g)
  • Hard Tofu
1 pc (340g)

1. Bevel cut the bitter melon and remove the seed; bevel cut eggplant into 0.5cm thick; deseed red bell pepper and cut into pieces; cut hard tofu into triangle and scoop out the middle part, set aside.


2. Blend raw shiitake mushroom and mix well with OmniPork and hard tofu.


3. Add sugar, salt, potato starch and oil and mix well.


4. Pat some potato starch on the vegetable slice (to firm the mixture on vegetable) and stuff the OmniPork mixture on them.


5. Heat some oil in a pan and shallow-fry stuffed three treasure until golden brown, drain oil and serve with soy sauce, chili sauce or other desired sauce.


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