5 Vegan Hot Pot Soup Base to Keep You Warm

‘Tis the season…to eat hot pot! This year, mix it up and have a vegan and nutritious version of hot pot! Whether you are the health-conscious type, a Japanese food lover, or the too-lazy-to-cook type, we have something for you. Let’s learn about the types of soup base and ingredients we have chosen for 5 kinds of hot pot lovers, and follow our 3 tips for a healthy hot pot! 


1. The Health-conscious Type

Vegan Hot Pot - Almond Milk

Autumn and winter are the seasons for nourishing foods, that’s why lately nourishing hot pot soup base is taking the spotlight. Savour the essence of health and beauty with the almond milk soup base, almond milk with its anti-aging and brightening qualities will nourish your skin. It is also low in calories, there are only 15kcal per 100g in Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk.

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2. Korean Culture Lover

Vegan Hot Pot - Vegan Kimchi Soup Base

If you are into K-Pop, K-drama, or all things Korean, this vegan kimchi soup base is a must-try for you. The spicy soup base is made using Sempio gluten-free Korean chili paste and vegan kimchi, add OmniPork Luncheon, vegan cheese and non-fried noodles, and a vegan army stew (Budae Jjigae) is assembled!


3. Japanese Food Lover

Vegan Hot Pot - Vegetarian Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is one of the most popular staple Japanese homemade dishes. Each family has their own way of making Sukiyaki, but it’s basically a savory hot pot with a variety of vegetables cooed in a soy sauce broth. It’s full of bold flavors, that’s why we recommend using ingredients with high absorbability, such as OmniPork and OmniPork Strips.


4. Spicy Foodie

Vegan Hot Pot - Spicy Soup Base

Are you a fan of mouth-numbing spicy food? If so, this savory spicy hot pot is for you. This spicy hot pot added with Sichuan chili pepper is packed with authentic Mongolian flavor, it’s guaranteed to warm you up during winter.


5. The Lazy Type

Vegan Hot Pot

Sometimes when you’re really craving hot pot, you’ll want some hassle-free soup bases that you can enjoy right away, such as Green Common’s hearty soups and miso soup. These soup bases are even free from additives and preservatives!


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*Linco Hot Pot Condiment – Spicy is available in Green Common stores 


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