Stay Healthy with these Hassle-free and Nutritious Meals

As another wave of the pandemic hits, most of us are working from home to prevent the spread of the virus. But when it comes to meals and having access to your kitchen at all times, working from home could be tricky. If you have read our 7-day healthy meal plan, you won’t run out of cooking inspirations. But if you’re tired of cooking three meals a day, the convenient ready-to-eat meals we’re about to suggest are going to be your new best friends!


OmniEat Dim Sum Series

Ever thought of enjoying a cup of tea along with exquisite dim sum at home? Now you can do it with OmniEat Handmade Dim Sum Series! Using OmniPork as the filling, OmniEat Dim Sum is here to offer the public with healthier and low-carbon alternatives, allowing you to enjoy traditional flavours during breakfast, lunch or snack time.



As new additions to the family, OmniPork Truffle Gyoza, Siu Mai and Crystal Dumpling are free of added MSG and added preservative.  Even while staying at home, you can always enjoy a healthier Chinese restaurant style dim sum.


OmniEat Ready-toEat Meals

Combining tasty and healthy in one box,  OmniEat ready-to-eat meals are prepared using ultra-low temperature “Flash Freezing” technology to preserve the freshly cooked ingredients at their best state without adding preservatives. This technology helps retaining the natural flavours and textures of foods while minimising nutrients loss. To enjoy the meals, the reheating takes just 5 minutes.




Nourishing Vegan Soup and Congee

Made with health-boosting plant-based foods grounded on traditional medicine, Green Common soup and congee are preservative-free, MSG-free and additive-free. The ingredients of the soup are loaded with health benefits, such as lung nourishing and blood replenishing. To enjoy a bowl of heart-warming soup or congee, all you need to do is heat the product for 5 minutes. 



Healthy Instant Noodles 

Green Common has a wide variety of healthy instant noodles, simply mix and match with different plant-based foods and you have yourself a heart-warming bowl of noodles. 




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