Green Common New Member Registration Tutorial
Want to shop the latest products and deals anytime and anywhere? Spend two minutes to create your own Green Common online account!  Let’s start the quick tutorial now!


New Member Registration

  1. Click ‘Account Registration’ at the top left corner (mobile version)/ under ‘My Account’ (desktop version)
  2. Fill in the account info and set your personal password (at least 8 characters long with any 2 types of the following: uppercase characters/lowercase characters/digits/special characters)
  3. Activate your account by confirming your registered email (Be sure to check your junk/spam folder)
  4. Start purchasing your favourite plant-based products! 
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Green Common is the world’s first plant-based concept store to create a revolutionary food and lifestyle experience by introducing some of the most advanced global food-tech innovations. Our sales network has spread to over 10 countries and regions. Green Common aims at encouraging you to move toward a plant-based diet, our Green Sharing column includes everything you need to know about a plant-based diet, including dietitian's exclusive tips on how to eat smart, sharings by green KOLs, innovative vegan recipes, and more!