Not all wines are vegan? Discover our range of vegan-certified wine at Green Common Nexxus

Did you know… not all the alcohols are vegan? It’s often that some animal products (or by-products) are used in winemaking, such as egg whites or casein as fining agents and beeswax in the bottle seals. We have carefully selected a range of vegan certified alcohol selection from all over the world. Enjoy and relax!



Certified by Vege Project Vegan in Japan. Rich and brewed with 100% Yamada Nishiki (the king of sake rice). An elegant sake with fruity and floral aroma, a tingle of sweetness and a hint of spice.

Origin: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan


Certified by Vege Project Vegan in Japan. This is the second highest grade of sake brewed by Tanaka Sake Brewery with a delicate fragrance and balanced flavour.

Origin: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Sweet Moscato "So Easy"

An easy drinking sparkling wine with well-balanced acidity and delicate bubble. Fresh and inviting, harmonious and intense with sweet floral and yellow fruit jam notes.

Origin: Italy

Dignitat Cava Organic Brut Sparkling

A Spanish sparkling wine with fine persistent bubbles. Bright appearance with aromas of flower, ripe fruit and citrus. Fresh and pleasant with a lingering finish.

Origin: Spain

Red Wine

The Coco Chocolate Merlot

This wine was fermented and aged on well roasted French oak staves in order to create a good colour, nose shows cherry fruit with mocha/dark chocolate flavours. A lot of tannins in the wine, but soft and very approachable, finely integrated.

Origin: South Africa

Essencials 9 Mesos

9 Mesos refers to 9 months of storage in the 225 L wooden barrels which helps to give a stronger, more concentrated and powerful wine. This wine has a nice aroma of plum, cherry, tobacco and balsamic. It all rounds off in the mouth with a wonderful cinnamon note and soft tannins.

Origin: Spain

3 Passo Rosso

Produced from overripe organic grapes processed using the Italian appassiment method, the red wine exhibits intense notes of ripe dark berry fruits and oak. Full-bodied with long and complex finish.

Origin: Italy

White Wine

Riesling Federspiel Terrassen

Subtle touch of lime, citrus, yuzu and green apple. This wine exhibits excellent balance with mild acidity perfectly integrated. Origin: Austria

20 de Abril Organic Verdejo

Using 100% organic Verdejo, a special type of grapes grown especially in Spain, the wine exhibits great aromas of stone fruits and floral notes. Balanced on the palate with a nice acidity that offers a refreshing sensation.

Origin: Rueda, Spain


Estrella Damm Daura Beer

Brewed from a well-known brewery in Spain that stays true with its original 1876 recipe only using natural ingredients directly from the local Mediterranean farmers. The golden lager style beer is crisp and refreshing. With its special technique, gluten is removed in the beer, making it safe for people with Celiac disease to drink.

Origin: Spain

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