【Pandemic Essentials】How to be Eco-friendly During the Pandemic?

The pandemic is forcing people all over the world to adapt to a new normal. In order to avoid the spread of the pandemic, people are being asked to adopt new hygienic habits – such as the use of masks and ordering takeaway instead of dining in. Thankfully, more and more brands are putting eco-friendly daily essentials out there as sustainable alternatives. Here are 5 products you mustn’t miss if you are looking for earth-friendly pandemic essentials. 


Sanitizing Products & Reusable Mask 

InnoCapsule – Disinfection Pouch 

InnoTier’s UVC disinfection pouch, InnoCapsule, is the perfect companion piece for the sustainably conscious and smart living traveller. This stylish and functional UVC disinfection pouch removes up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surfaces of your personal items in just 3 minutes. 



InnoShield – Reusable Mask

The InnoShield mask unique mask features ionic+™ technology which harnesses the power of 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce the viability of viruses and microbes on soft surfaces. The contour curve line of the masks and the extended nose adjuster provide excellent comfort when wearing. It is extremely durable as it can be hand-washed up to 200 times. 


Shop Now: https://bit.ly/3nfpWGr



Good Wastes Upcycled Oil Detergent

One of the biggest dangers of chemical-based cleaning products is the chemical residue it leaves behind. Local brand “Good Wastes” produces chemical-free and pollution-free high quality upcycled oil detergent through the hands of local women workers and rehab-community. Their oil detergent doesn’t contain chemical residues and is non-corrosive to skin. 



Shop Now: https://bit.ly/35bTO0d



Reusable Utensils

Lexngo Silicone Utensils

Single-use plastic has long been a global crisis, but it’s more important now than ever to reduce single-use plastic especially during the pandemic. For starters, you may consider substituting single-use plastic products with eco-friendly options. Local brand Lexngo offers a huge variety of silicone collapsible utensils, from collapsible lunch boxes to water bottles. Silicone is non-toxic, odorless, heat and cold resistant. It is highly reusable and much more durable and safe compared to traditional rubber and plastic.



Shop Now: https://bit.ly/3okwZz2

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