【Wine 101】Guide to Pairing Vegan Wine with Food

Curious on how to pair your favorite plant-based foods with vegan wine? We’ve put together a guide with innovative ideas for pairing plant-based foods with their wine soulmates. Read on for more ideas for your next dinner party! 


1.Beyond meat x Sparkling Red

   Beyond Beef x Sparkling Red

Beyond Meat resembles the texture and flavor of a traditional beef patty, you may consider pairing it with refreshing and crisp sparkling red wine to balance the richness in flavorful plant-based meat like Beyond Meat, rounding out the flavors in your mouth. It also helps create balance between rich and oily foods and wine. 


2. Salad x Sparkling Rosé

Salad x Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling wine is extremely versatile for pairing, especially for Sparkling Rosé.  Pinot Rosé Spumante from Tenuta Fornace is a bottle of lively and soft wine with well-balanced sourness and sweetness, which helps bring out the freshness of salad without overwhelming their flavors. 


3.Vegan Cheese Platter x Orange Wine

純素芝士拼盤 x 橙酒

Vegan cheese platter is one of the most popular party appetizers, the variety is unlimited as you can enjoy a wide selection of vegan cheeses with biscuits, snacks, bread and fruit. Most people usually pair vegan cheese with red and white wine, but there are other options, such as the versatile orange wine. Orange wine’s full-bodied flavors and tannic structures make it particularly versatile, its dry and intense taste can enhance the complex flavors of vegan cheeses. 


4.Cooking with Wine: Beyond Beef braised with Red Wine Sauce

以酒入饌 紅酒燉未來牛肉

There is evidence that moderate consumption of red wine may have beneficial effects, it is rich in antioxidants and may help ward off a number of diseases including heart disease. Besides pairing wine with food, you may also incorporate wine in your cooking – particularly red wine – as tannins in red wine pair well with strongly flavored dishes. Here we have an example of Beyond Beef braised with Red Wine Sauce created by Yum the Future. Cabernet Sauvignon makes a great sauce for braised dishes or stews. Without further ado, uncork your bottle of wine and start cooking! 


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