Vegan Takeaway Offers in Hong Kong

With the 6pm restaurant curfew imposing, here are our vegan takeaway recommendations for you to enjoy food with your loved ones safely. 


Newly-launched Dishes at Green Common

Green Common is serving up the newly-launched dishes during Chinese New Year. An innovative collection is available at Green Common selected stores, including OmniCrab Maw Soup, Sand Ginger Mushroom Fen Pi and Unlimeat Beef & Turnip Stew, while OmniPork Stuffed Turnip with Morels & Black Truffle Sauce and HK-style Crunchy Squid are exclusively served at Green Common Nexxus. Curated with all plant-based ingredients, the new range of dishes are the kinder options for kinder spirits. 


HK-styled Crunchy Squid, Cauliflower Fungus, Salt & Pepper 


This Hong Kong-style food staple is here with a plant-based twist. Vegan crunchy squid made with cauliflower fungus is fried to a crispy exterior, then beautifully glazed in fermented bean curd vegan mayonnaise, bringing out the savory umami flavors.


OmniPork Stuffed Turnip, Morels & Black Truffle Sauce


Tender and smooth turnip is braised with savory black truffle sauce accompanied by morels, one of the most desired wild mushrooms. It is then stuffed with OmniPork, OmniFoods’ hero product. Made from soy protein, OmniPork provides a good source of plant protein with no cholesterol or hormones. The plant-based pork cooks and tastes just like conventional pork – try it yourself!


OmniCrab Soup


The soup is created with OmniCrab from OmniFoods’ ground-breaking plant-based OmniSeafood series. The revolutionary seafood alternative is made with a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from non-GMO soy, pea and rice. It is a kinder alternative that does not compromise on taste and appearance. Apart from OmniCrab, the soup gathers a wide mix of tofu, shiitake mushroom and coriander, inviting you to dive into a heartwarming and wholesome delight.


沙薑菇絲粉皮及OmniPatty吉列新豬扒包同步於Green Common登場

Sand Ginger Mushroom Fen Pi and OmniPatty Tonkatsu Bun will launch along with several innovative dishes.  


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Green Common Nexxus Reservation:

*The dishes will be available at Green Common in mid-January. 

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