Breakfastland on How She Turns Everyday Food into Cute Characters

Creative food blogger (@misskitb)runs her blog Breakfastland, where she brings everyday food to life by transforming them into super cute cartoon characters. From JUST Egg SpongeBob Squarepants to creative animals crafted with OmniPork, her dishes showcase her sense of creativity and humor. Take a peek behind the scenes of her creative process! 


Q1. How did you become a KOL? 

I didn’t think about becoming a KOL at first, I just wanted to document my breakfasts on social media. When I discovered that everyone loves cute-looking food photos, I started the social media page “Breakfastland” to share my homemade cute meals, plant-based news and  Insta-worthy restaurants in town. I chose “breakfast” as the focus because breakfast is eaten every day, and cooking breakfast does not require superb cooking skills. It’s a meal that everyone can easily handle. 


Q2. Tell us about how you craft a social media post – from cooking to plating the dish. 

Use colors wisely

The most important thing for a plant-based diet is to plan your diet properly so that you don’t miss out on essential nutrients. It is recommended to add foods of different colors to your diets, because different colored fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients. Bright colors are not only more eye-catching, but they can also stimulate the appetite. Before crafting a dish, I will first pick a cartoon character that I want to transform, then I will source ingredients that are of the same color. For example, I have tried using JUST Egg and vegan cheese to create cartoon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Pikachu. The response was overwhelming! 


Simple backdrop and props to make the dish pop

If you have such an outstanding cartoon character dish, I wouldn’t suggest having too many props scattered around.  I tend to choose simple cutleries and table mat to make the dish pop, sometimes I use table mats of the same cartoon character to highlight the theme. 



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Q3. How do you gather inspiration? 

The most effective way to gather inspiration is to do more research on other people’s work. For example, I will spend a good amount of time studying other bloggers’ breakfast dishes and photography styles. Sometimes seeing someone else’s breakfast will encourage me to think about how to redesign it!


Q4.What plant-based ingredients are best for creating like-worthy dishes?

As I always have to transform food into different characters, one thing I emphasize on is versatility.  Plant-based meat does the trick. With these highly versatile meat substitutes such as OmniPork, it’s really easy to shape it into different characters. OmniPork is even easier to handle compared to mince pork, it is safe for children to handle as well. One other advantage is that you can easily transform OmniPork into different shapes to your liking! 




Q5.What are some essential elements of a like-worthy post? 

One of the essential elements of a like-worthy post is to create dishes with popular cartoon characters that everyone knows, such as Ryan from Kakao Friends, Pikachu and Minion. Apart from that, camera angles are also essential for food photography, for example using a top shot for capturing a table scene, and use a head-on angle or a 3/4 angle for dishes with three-dimensional presentations. 



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Breakfastland Profile 

Creative food blogger misskitb runs her blog Breakfastland, she loves trying plant-based restaurants around the city, experimenting with innovative plant-based ingredients and creating food art at home. 

Instagram: @misskitb 

Facebook: 早安!晨之美!



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