Boost Your Quarantine Cooking Skills with Veggie Mom!

Some say that the silver lining of social distancing is to be able to pick up the skills we’ve always wanted to. If you are looking to brush up your culinary skills, even if you are new to the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to technology, learning how to cook has never been easier now. Chefs, home cooks and food influencers are hosting online cooking classes to share their cooking tips and tricks. Veggie Mom Christine, a long-time vegetarian and plant-based influencer host her own cooking classes from time to time, but she has shifted her classes online amidst the pandemic, inviting us for a virtual tour into her kitchen to give us a glimpse of how easy plant-based cooking can be. 


Interactive Online Cooking Class Taking the Spotlight

For many people, learning how to cook has always been a struggle, especially if you have to make three meals a day from scratch for your whole family. That’s why Veggie Mom came up with her very own plant-based cooking class to help people realize the joy of cooking. “It’s surprising that a lot of the students are actually first-time cooks, but after joining my previous courses they can already master advanced plant-based dishes,” Veggie Mom points out. That’s because regardless of your experience level, Veggie Mom strives to make her course straightforward and easy to understand. What’s best about online learning is that students could pause, play, repeat, spend more time on learning specific steps and jot notes. You can even ask all the questions you want in Veggie Mom’s live Q&A session!


A Sneak Peek at Veggie Mom’s Cooking Class

 Veggie Mom has introduced two classes: home-style dishes and Hong Kong street food. Not only will Veggie Mom be sharing step-by-step tutorials of these dishes, but she will also be revealing her plant-based cooking secrets, such as how to mix and match ingredients and condiments, choosing additives-free ingredients, and how to make sure the dish is nutritious enough. Veggie Mom reminds us that the biggest challenge to a plant-based diet is not to be picky, that’s why she always adds foods of different colors and high-protein plant-based meat to her dishes, bringing beauty and value to the dishes. 






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