Insta-worthy Ideas for your Picnic Bento Box

COVID-19 has completely changed our lives, especially when it comes to what we eat. With all the idle time we have, now is the perfect time for you to expand your culinary imagination, starting from assembling your very own bento! Green Common has meticulously selected a variety of bento must-haves for you, from small appliances, functional bento boxes, to nutritious and healthy plant-based ingredients. Fill your bento box with our selected autumn-inspired seasonal foods now!

Bento DIY Formula



Well-balanced and Filling

新餐肉植物蛋飯糰 芥末白汁香腸長通粉
韓式泡菜炒新肉絲 照燒雞飯堡


Quick and Fuss-free

OmniEat速鮮即食系列 植物肉






Bento for Beginners

Bento can be eaten cold?

If you want to bring your lunchbox to work but don’t prefer reheating leftover food, meal-prepping in the morning is a great option because bento meals can be enjoyed cold or in room temperature with the right ingredients. As it is eaten cold, be careful when you choose the ingredients and cooking method, the food should taste good once it has cooled down.
The Art of Crafting a Bento

What’s better than preparing yourself or your loved ones an aesthetically-pleasing bento? It’s preparing a healthy and nutritious one. Check out our tips on how to prepare a nutritious bento!

  • By consuming vegetables and fruits from 5 color families, green, red, yellow, white and black, where each color is associated with the body’s vital organs, you can attain a balanced and well-rounded diet. For your next bento meal, try to incorporate foods of different colors!
  • Try to keep the amount of vegetables and fruit to half of your bento lunch
  • Balance is the key. Try to incorporate different varieties of foods, such as vegetables, fruit, grains and protein
  • Refrain from eating or drinking high-sugar or high-fat foods and drinks


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